- The role of the Bot Mart Middleman Service (BMMS) is to AUTHENTICATE digital good(s), primarily automation software, and act as a neutral third party during a business transaction or exchange.

- While we help authenticate “cook” group memberships, their inherent nature leaves room for error, and we CANNOT help any INDEPENDENT deals outside of the BMMS.

- We WILL NOT authenticate anything we do not feel comfortable with, and DO NOT help mediate chargebacks, scams, and any other issues that surface from an INDEPENDENT sale.

- We’ll ONLY help if the product was purchased through the BMMS, however, cannot guarantee anything past an AUTHENTIC and VERIFIED software license.

- By doing a deal outside without the Bot Mart Middleman Service you take 100% of the risk, blame, and responsibility should an issue arise, and all chargeback/scam tickets from non-BMMS customers will be automatically closed, no questions asked.

- Using a Bot Mart middleman is the SAFEST way to purchase digital products, as proven by our 7,000+ scam free transactions. No middleman, no protection, and no Bot Mart resources.

If you have any questions, please reach out any time, we'd love to hear from you!